Recent Photos

The photos below are from recent events that took place to help raise funds for the A Christmas Story House Neighborhood Restoration Project.  Please check back for more photos soon!

To volunteer for our events, please visit VolunteerLocal for available opportunities. Thank you for your consideration!

Free Flower Kickoff Event- May 24, 2014

Flowers   Pickup

Pickup3   Pickup4   Pickup5

Van   Pickup2   Volunteers

FUNDRAISER: Mrs. Parker’s Little Piggy Luncheon- November 30, 2013

Ovaltine   Elves

Actors   IMG_0731_webres

FUNDRAISER: A Christmas Story 5K/10K Run- December 7, 2013

RaceCrowd_House   Race2

Race5   GroupRaceShot

Race3   Race1

KidsRace   Race4

3girlsRace   OvaltineRace